Address & Phone

  • 2nd floor, No. 64, after Parcham St. Tohid Ave. south side of Tohid Sq.
    Tehran - Iran
  • +98 21 66564591-2
  • info at


Cooperation with us

Kindly take the following actions if you are eager to cooperate with us as a translator:

Kindly send an e-mail to info at with the following details:

  1. As Subject of e-mail, kindly compose “Cooperation”
  2. Kindly attach two files (either MS Word or PDF);
    1. In the first file, include your resume in the standard format
    2. In the second file, shortly mention the following details:
      • The languages you translate from/into.
      • Price of your interest for translation of every 300-word page.
      • Number of pages you can translate per day.
      • The type of text which you are more familiar with.

We will contact you through email.